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Mac OS X Universal Binary (Requires 10.4 or later)

Windows Installer

BibleMemorizer can always be installed from source. The build system is currently biased towards Unix and Mac OS X, but QMake is used, so building on Windows is also possible. Instructions are provided in the file INSTALL in the tarball for BibleMemorizer.

On Ubuntu and Debian, BibleMemorizer is available in standard repositories, so you can just "apt-get install biblememorizer" (The universe repository must be enabled on Ubuntu.) As of this writing only version 0.5.2 is available, but 0.6 should come soon.

Further Linux binary packages will hopefully become available in the near future. If you have a clean build system and would like to provide packages, e-mail jerickson314@users.sourceforge.net.

For Gentoo, download the unofficial ebuild biblememorizer-0.6.4.ebuild to an overlay directory and emerge it. The ebuild has a "sword" USE flag to configure whether to include the Sword plugin and a "qt4" USE flag to configure whether to use Qt4 instead of Qt3. (If you use KDE 3, "sword -qt4" is recommended.) The enabled keywords are "~amd64" and "~x86", but other architectures may work. Specifically, if you are not familiar with this process:

  1. Create /usr/local/portage and add PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage" to your /etc/make.conf, if you haven't already.
  2. Create a directory /usr/local/portage/app-text
  3. Download the ebuild to this directory and cd to it in a root terminal
  4. Run "ebuild biblememorizer-0.6.4.ebuild digest"
  5. Setup /etc/portage/package.use and /etc/portage/package.keywords appropriately
  6. Run "emerge -a biblememorizer"

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